Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. is divided into seven (7) geographic subdivisions identified as regions. 


Each chapter within our organization is assigned to a region based on its geographic location with the seven regions being: Central, Eastern, Farwest, Midwest, South Atlantic, Southern and Southwest.


The Central Region was established in 1932.  The first Central Region Conference being held May 14 of that year with First Vice President Naomi Cherot presiding.


During the first few years of Delta’s existence, tremendous growth and the establishment of chapters throughout the nation provided the Sorority with a geographically and culturally diverse membership. As our ranks grew, travel restrictions sometimes precluded participation in National Convention activities by the most geographically dispersed sorors. This challenge was viewed as an opportunity for the establishment of “regional conferences” with each region hosting a biennial meetings in the year Grand Chapter does not assemble.


Throughout the years, as the Sorority’s growth continued, the establishment of new regional boundaries was required to maintain the relative intimacy of the Regional Conferences and for fair representation throughout the organization.


As part of Delta’s structure since 1925, the Regional Conferences offer a number of advantages, chief among those being furthering of Delta’s mission, ideals, and principles through “intensive internal development”, efficiently implemented through smaller, regional groups. Every biennium, sorors gather from around their region to continue to fellowship, strengthen their bond of sisterhood, and plan for meaningful, relevant public service.


Notable Sorors with Central Region Ties Include:   

Delta Founders Bertha Pitts (Campbell) was born in Winfield, Kansas; Wertie Blackwell (Weaver) hailed from Kansas City, Missouri; and Madree Penn (White) was the driving force and inspiration behind Delta Sigma Theta, originally from Atchison, Kansas but moved to Omaha, Nebraska in her youth.

The “Charismatic and Courageous” label was coined during a regional leadership retreat under the administration of Gayona L. Washington. The C 3 logo was created for the first web site in 2002 and it has also become a symbol to represent the Central Region.

The Central Region proudly touts prominent Delta leadership from our ranks including our very own 14th National President Frankie Muse Freeman, Esq who served in the position from 1967-1971, and resided in St. Louis, MO at the time of her election until present date.  Frankie M. Freeman is an active member of the St. Louis Alumnae Chapter and the Honorable Co-Chair of several National Committees, Commissions and Taskforces.  She turns 100 years old on November 21, 2016.

Our legacy of leadership runs deep in the Central Region, as members have served at all levels of our organization. We have had twenty-three regional directors in the Central Region, with Jacqueline A. Dillard currently serving as the 24th Central Regional Director.  There have been twenty-two Regional Representatives, Jazmyn Ferguson presently serves as the 23rd Central Regional Representative.  In the heart of the United States,  Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. members are significant, as We. Are. Central.