The Advisor Coordinators are alumnae members appointed by the Regional Director, in consultation with the Regional Representative. Their duties are to:

  • Ensure training progress for all advisors within the region, guaranteeing each advisor assigned to a collegiate chapter has completed all necessary and required training.

  • Utilize the CAS Standards for advising to guide the support of advisors

  • Act as a regional resource for assistance with advisor questions and challenges; serving as a resource for best practices and helping advisors within the region develop their role;

  • Facilitate monthly conference calls for all chapter advisors within the region. Calls should be focused on both regional advisor/chapter issues and topics provided by the Regional Director/Representative.

  • Develop a program within the region for advisor recognition

  • Provide resources within the region for development of advisory boards.

  • Provide feedback to the Regional Director/Representative development on regional trends and strategies of building healthy relationships with collegiate and advisors.

To be eligible to serve as Advisor Coordinator, a soror must:

  • All qualities and criteria as listed in the Advisor Training Workbook

  • Have served as an Advisor of a collegiate chapter for at least two years;

  • Have participated in an alumnae chapter during the last two years; 

  • Have attended one of the last two National Conventions or Regional Conferences;

  • Have attended an advisor’s workshop within the last two years; and

  • Be knowledgeable about policies, procedures and programs of the Sorority.



The Awards and Recognition Coordinators and Members will oversee the nomination and selection process for regional awards and recognition.  The committee will also assist chapters and/or individuals needing assistance and/or guidance when submitting for National awards and recognition.  The committee will:


  • Promote awareness of chapter and individual awards, scholarships and recognition available on the regional and national levels;

  • Establish selection criteria for recognition and awards managed by the committee;

  • Establish nomination processes for recognition and awards managed by the committee;

  • Identify new opportunities to award and recognize chapters/individuals/outstanding programs and/or service to the organization and community;

  • Establish an annual calendar for distribution to the region with the Regional and National submission deadlines to submit nominations and selections of individuals/chapters for recognition and/or awards managed by the committee; and

  • Provide support to the Regional Member of National Scholarship & Standards to encourage chapters and/or individuals to submit nominations or recommendations for national scholarships and/or grants.



The Regional Chaplain is appointed by the Regional Director. Her duties are to set the spiritual tone for the region by providing prayer and inspirational messages/devotions, in addition to her Regional Conference responsibilities which include:

  • Reciting and leading invocations and benedictions where such prayers are offered at the opening and closing of meetings or other events;

  • Play a major role in the planning and order of the Regional Conference Ecumenical Service; and

  • Fulfills the Memorial Observance role as outlined in the Ritual.




Project Alumnae Collegiate Exchange (ACE) was developed to bridge the gap between collegiate and alumnae sorors, to implement a vision of mentorship and to increase collegiate involvement within the region.  Responsiblities will include:

  • Foster a sisterly relationship between collegiate and alumnae sorors and chapters

  • Identify career exploration opportunities for collegiate sorors

  • Build lasting relationships among collegiate and alumnae sorors

  • Build an understanding and appreciation of collegiate and alumnae chapter functions

  • Collobrate with the Collegiate Transition Taskforce (CTT) in increasing the rate of collegiate members transitioning into alumnae chapters by fostering sisterly relationships with collegiate sorors.  

CTT is focused on the following ideals:

  • Ensuring Delta is a lifetime commitment

  • Continuing to serve Delta and the community

  • Providing knowledge of Delta's governing documents to collegiate sorors and chapters

  • Enhancing the Delta learning process

  • Identifying stratagies of keeping the balance of seasoned and younger sorors in alumnae chapters




The Regional Delta Dear Coordinator is appointed by the Regional Director. Her duties are to:

  • Develop programming, recognition and activities for members age 62 and up; and

  • Serve as an advisor and resource for increased regional development of cross-generational relationships.





The Heritage & Archives Coordinator is appointed by the Regional Director. Her duties are to:

  • Provide an organized method of research, categorization and preservation of Central Region historical data; and

  • Maintain records of the Region's activities, events and significant milestones for publication and display.



In collaboration with the Coordinator of Information, Communication & Technology, committee members will: 

  • Assist with all regional communication including Newsletters, Marketing, Graphic Arts, websites/social media, directories, postal and electronic mailings, etc;

  • Develop and execute a Regional Communication Strategy with goals for reaching internal and external audiences in an efficient and timely manner;

  • Contribute to and collaboratively manage databases/records, website updates, training activities (including webinars) and other Regional communication to chapters;

  • Manage logistics for regional events, training and state cluster meetings;

  • Track and monitor effectiveness of communication campaigns, soliciting feedback from members to make recommendations for continuous improvement; and

  • Support the Regional Director with participation in other tasks as needed.




It shall be the duty of the Regional Nominating Committee to:

  • Solicit and receive nominations from chapters and members of persons to serve in elected regional offices and on committees;

  • Select for consideration of the Regional Conference, candidates for election to regional elected offices and committees;

  • Distribute to the chapters, by April 1 prior to the Regional Conference, the names of candidates to be presented to the Regional Conference;

  • Report the names of candidates to the Regional Conference at a session prior to the final session; and

  • Consult with the National Nominating Committee Chair.





The Regional Program Coordinator is appointed by the Regional Director. Her duties are to:

  • Receive information from chapters in the region regarding their activities and the dates;

  • Keep a regional calendar with the dates and activities of the chapters for informational purposes and coordination;

  • Be a resource person for chapters concerning national programs and ideas from chapters;

  • Assist in the preparation of a major report at the Regional Conference regarding the programs and activities in the region; and

  • Be a liaison between the region and the National Program Planning and Development Committee regarding programs and projects.



The duties of the Regional Journalist are to:

  • Serve on the Regional Information, Communication & Technology Committee

  • Act as a liaison between the region and the national publication, The Delta;

  • Write articles concerning the region;

  • Receive and proof/edit information from chapters for regional publications;

  • Prepare information for articles being submitted to any city/state newspapers or magazines.




The Regional Risk Management Coordinator will develop and implement a strategy to provide knowledgeable counsel to Chapter coordinators in the Region in accordance with Grand Chapter’s Risk Management Guidelines.  Their duties are to:

  • Be thoroughly informed on Grand Chapter Risk Management Guidelines;

  • Collaborate with National Program Planning and Development on clarification of major implementation issues for chapters;

  • Provide feedback to the Regional Director on major areas of concern;

  • Provide positive, proactive advice to chapters on risk management implementation and collaborate with National Program Planning and Development on risk management presentations at Regional meetings and clusters;

  • Develop a recognition program for chapters who have taken innovative approaches toward risk management; and

  • Maintain a record of risk management concerns and barriers to implementation of the guidelines and provide a report to the Regional Director.





The State Coordinators are alumnae members appointed by the Regional Director, in consultation with the Regional Representative. Their duties are to:

  • Assist the Regional Director and chapter presidents with the planning of state meetings;

  • Prepare written reports of state meetings and submit them to the Regional Director within two weeks following the meeting;

  • Forward any concerns and issues addressed by the council to the Regional Director and the Regional Representatives;  

  • Work with chapters on compliance initiatives;

  • Conduct investigations on Membership Intake infractions as requested by Regional Director;

  • Serve as a Membership Intake Trainer after certification by the Scholarship and Standards Committee;

  • Inform Regional Officers of training needs in their area;

  • Assist with the establishment of chapters;

  • Assist with the implementation of Regional Conferences;

  • Assist Regional Officers with mailings;

  • Train chapters as necessary;

  • Travel at the request of the Regional Director;  and

  • Provide assistance with the planning and coordination of the following:

    • ​Statewide Activities

    • College Convocation

    • Mock Conventions

    • Statewide Founders Days

    • Delta Days at the Capitol

    • Reclamation Activities

  • To be eligible to serve as State Coordinator, a soror must:

    • Be a financial and active member of an alumnae chapter;

    • Have attended at least one Regional Conference and one National Convention in the past five years;

    • Be knowledgeable about the organizational structure of the Sorority and Grand Chapter’s Constitution and Bylaws;

    • Have good communication skills;

    • Have demonstrated leadership skills in the chapter, state and/or region; and 

    • Attend Advisor and MIT Training.



  • State Facilitators are collegiate members appointed by the Regional Representative, in consultation with the Regional Director. Their duties are to:

  • Assist the Regional Representative with duties as assigned, including activities to promote collegiate/alumnae relationships;

  • Assist the State Coordinators with duties as assigned; and

  • Provide assistance with planning and coordination of:

  • Statewide Activities;

  • College Convocations;

  • Statewide Founders Days; and

  • Delta Days at the State Capitol.




The Regional Social Action Coordinators, comprising for the Regional Representive and an Alumnae member will develop and implement a strategy that encourages effective advocacy at the national, regional, state and local level. Development of this strategy will include:

  • The implementation of National Social Action Commission’s goals and objectives, including encouraging Regional participation in Delta Days at the Nation’s Capital 

  • Providing direction and objectives to the State Social Action Coordinators which include collaboration with chapters in their assigned areas and:

  • Identification of and outreach to state and local officials, providing background on issues of concern to chapter service areas and developing linkages with legislators’ local offices

  • Planning “Delta Days” at City Hall, County Commissions and other local governmental bodies, such as School Boards, etc.

  • Education of chapters on current legislative issues impacting local communities

  • Providing a report to the Regional Director each month, and presenting goals and objectives at Regional Meetings and Clusters. 



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