Welcome to the home of the Charismatic & Courageous Central Region.  Serving as your Regional Leadership in this new era, we are committed to the constructive development of the sorority, the region, chapters, and our members.  Together we will implement and execute the National Theme of "Joy in our Sisterhood, Power in our Voice and Service in our Heart" as we address human rights and social issues that affect the African American community.

We promise to provide you with a diverse, equitable, and inclusive leadership as we adjust to the changes from outside influences, membership intake, and the advancements of our national brand.  We will adhere and enforce the organization's policies with fairness while maintaining accountability for individual learning opportunities and development.  We will also create and seize resources to build, strengthen, and enhance our chapters.  Together we can build a cohesive and healthy team using our team's strengths while converting our weaknesses into opportunities for growth.  

Sorors of the Central Region, we are some of the most innovative, brilliant, hardworking, and faith-based driven members of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated.   This region has the reputation of being the "family region" because members strive to encourage one another; to build one another up in faith; to pray with and for one another; to learn from one another; teach one another, and to set an example for others to follow.  

Thank you for allowing us to serve you as your Regional Director and Regional Representative in this new era for  the Charismatic & Courageous Central Region.  

When a team has confidence, they can have a lot of fun.  When the team has fun, they can do amazing things!

We. Are. Central.


Felicia C. Echols
Regional Director


Sorors of the Charismatic & Courageous Central Region and Visiting Sorors from Around the Nation!

Alaina Meekins Kent.jpeg

Alaina Meekins Kent
Regional Representative